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Moozie the kind cow is on the mooove to
corral bullying.

You can help by purchasing her book!

The Children's Kindness Network, a non-profit, is on a mission to reduce bullying by teaching kindness to children at an early age through their ambassador of kindness, Moozie the kind cow. This is Moozie’s 12th year teaching kindness and she’s reaching over 20,000 children a year.

Not only does Moozie have great kindness materials for children, she also shares her everyday wisdom with adults in her newest mini-book Moozie's Cow Wisdom for Loving to the "Uddermost".

You can support Moozie's efforts to spread the milk of human kindness to children and stop bullying by purchasing this fun mini-book for $4.95. Loving to the "Uddermost" brings a smile as a gift, is a fun novelty gift for businesses, and makes a charming greeting card.

Moozies Cow Wisdom for Loving to the "Uddermost"

Here’s a few drops of wisdom from
this minibook.

A little love says a lot more than a lot of bull.

You'll be remembered by the love you gave, not the cash you corralled.

Giving love, like drinking milk, shows on
your face.

BUY now so we can reach more children!

Please buy now and help us bring kindness to children. If you'd like to know more about Children's Kindness Network, visit childrenskindnessnetwork.org. To learn how you can use this book as a fund raiser for your local non-profit contact info@childrenskindnessnetwork.org.